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All of the consultants hold their clinic in rooms in 64 Eccles Street.

Dr Lahiff:                    Monday afternoon

Dr Byrne:                   Tuesday morning

Dr Direkze:                Tuesday afternoon

Dr Bennett:               Thursday morning

Dr Kelleher:               Friday morning


For a new patient, the clinical consultation is used to take a full history and perform a physical examination, and provides an opportunity to get a complete picture of the problem. This helps to guide further tests if necessary, ensuring they are clinically appropriate, and likely to be useful and helpful in reaching a diagnosis. Occasionally, a GP may refer a patient directly for a procedure, but we may elect to see the patient in rooms first if the history is complex, the patient is very young or very elderly, or suffers from a number of other medical conditions.  This is to ensure that it is safe to proceed with the requested tests, or to explore alternatives.

For a 'return' patient, the consultations are used for ongoing monitoring of a chronic condition, or to further investigate symptoms when previous tests have not been fruitful.

Procedures are not performed on the day of the clinical consultation, so there is no need to fast. Please note there are 5 steps up to the front door, but there is a lift inside the building to bring you to the first floor.

Consultation fees are payable on the day, by cash, or credit/debit card :

New patient : 280 euro

Return patient: 180 euro

A portion of this may be redeemable from your insurer, depending on your plan, and may also be claimed as a medical expense for tax purposes through the MED-1 form.


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