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This test will help to examine your upper GI tract - the oesophagus, stomach and duodenum - to diagnose certain conditions such as ulcers, inflammation, cancer or coeliac disease.  A thin flexible tube is passed through the mouth and down the food pipe. It takes less than 5 minutes. You can have it with or without sedation.

Click here for a video of a gastroscopy:

1. Please check into the day therapy reception, 2nd floor, Mater Private Hospital. Please note that this is a check in time, not the time your procedure will be carried out – you can expect to be in the unit for 4-5 hours in total.

2 .For appointments 7am-12pm, please fast after midnight.(Nothing to eat or drink, not even water)

For appointments 1pm-6pm, please fast after 8am on the day of the procedure ( nothing to eat or drink, not even water) , taking only a light breakfast (eg tea and toast) before that time.

3. Prior arrangements must be made by all patients to be collected and accompanied home following IV sedation. Patients who have had sedation, particularly the elderly, will require supervision at home x 24 hours. If you opt to have your procedure without sedation, you may travel home unaccompanied. Patients are advised not to drive a car or operate machinery for 24 hours following IV sedation.

4. Please read the consent form as soon as you receive it and contact the office ahead of time if you have any concerns or queries.


5. Please bring your medical insurance details with you when you are attending the day therapy unit. Patients without insurance will be linked in with the finance department to arrange payment prior to scheduling the procedure.

You should check with your insurer to confirm that you will be covered for the procedure in the Mater Private Hospital ahead of time. The procedure code is 194.

6. Please bring your medication list with you on the day. There is no need to stop aspirin. If you are on warfarin, plavix, pradaxa, eliquis or any other blood thinners, please let us know ahead of time, as this may affect your ability to have the procedure.




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